May 31, 2020
One of my chickens was accidentally left with no water on a hot day for a couple hours. We discovered her and we got her in a wet shaded dirt right away. We have her water through a dropper and put wet cloths on her. We then brought her inside and lined a laundry basket with a moist towel with access to water. We did add a bit of Gatorade to her water and it really helped. We gave her little bits of food here and there and let her sleep inside. We would see if she wanted to walk around but couldn’t . After three nights inside with close watch, she has recovered and is back with the flock! Still keeping a close eye but seems to be doing good. While she was inside, she laid a soft egg and was also pooping green, and is still pooping green.
Glad that you found her in time and gave her electrolytes and water. I like to make sure that my chickens have at least 2 water sources in case one gets knocked over. A wide pig pan left out in the shade on hot days is very good to cool their legs when they step into it. That is also a good way to help cool one down. I would add a lot of water to a small bowl of chicken feed, and offer it to her to get more fluids into her. Good luck, and I hope she recovers. And welcome to BYC.

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