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Are there any heavy white egg layers? I'm working on a little project, and I want them to lay cream colored eggs. The chickens I'm goin to breed lay brown eggs, and I want to breed them to white egg layers. The only white egger I can think of are all light bodied (like my anconas and leghorns). Are hamburgs usually a little heavier? I would like to use a rosecombed breed if possible.

Are there any heavy white egg breeds that I've overlooked or missed in searching??
Hamburgs are not big by any means and most that I have raised layed a fairly small egg. Hamburgs are smaller and more flighty than Leghorns in my experience as well.
If you want a big, white egg bird you need to cross with a exhibition strain Leghorn or Minorca. NOT a hatchery one of either of those, there is a huge difference. Rose Comb Leghorns or Minorcas would work for you, but finding a good quality strain of either of those that are hefty is not going to be easy. I have some big Minorcas right now and the hatchery variety I have seen in the past does not compare in any way. These are ginormous! I have a cockerel and pullet right now and they are bigger than any of the hatchery Minorcas were as 2 year old adults. The males will push 10lbs and the females should be over 7 lbs.
Hope this information helps you out a little bit. As you can tell I am a Minorca fan but they are a forgotten breed by most even though they are large birds and lay an XL size egg.
I've got La Flèche.....big black birds of about the same weight and size as Minorcas with an 'interesting' comb (if you are partial to horns.....I am). They lay good sized white eggs. I like Minorcas, too.(Must have a thing for black shiny feathers and white ear lobes)
I can't think of a rose comb but 3 LF white layers that come to mind are, dorkings, orlof, and holland's. The dorkings come in a number of colors which could make the project fun and the holland's are barred. The orlof does have a walnut comb, good luck with the project.
Heritage Minorca rooster can reech 9 Lb. Minorcas come in rose comb too. Barred Holands are big, lay white eggs, but they are only single combed.
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Minorcas come to mind,if you get the big exhibition stock,they are like Turkeys,very long,tall,wide,and heavy with big shanks.Males at around 10 pounds and females 7 1/2 pounds,you have a huge bird.They lay very large white eggs.Hatchery Minorcas are very tiny birds that look nothing like what the breed is supposed to.They do come in Rose Comb as well as S.C.,with the Black variety generally the best in quality.
We'll, I was hoping to breed out the 5 toes, too many people see them and think they are silkie mixes. When I posted some pictures on here, some people thought they could be dorkings or mixes. I might look for a rosecombed Minorca first. There is a show not to far away from me this weekend I was planning to go to.

Ill post some pictures when I get out of church, mamas telling me to put the phone up.
I currently have 3 silkied pullets, a smooth silkie carrier hen, and 1 silkied rooster. They all have 5 toes, the smooth hen has slate legs, the others have pink/white. The smooth hen is mother to 1 pullet, and a silkied hen, that was killed by a snake while brooding poults, is the mother of the other 2. I was only able to collect and hatch 8 chicks from the silked hen before she was killed, 6 were roosters, which I no longer have. The hens where very broody last year, I didn't get many eggs out of them. The smooth hen I have started calling my "10 egg broody", because I haven't gotten more than 10 eggs from her before she goes broody again.

Both hens are broody in their pics,
, only pictures I could find of them

MsFuzzybottom (killed by a snake)
Color: blue barred

Color: lemon blue

MrFuzzy (only picture currently on my computer)
Color: lemon splash barred

Pullets from MsFuzzybottom
Color: lemon blue barred, splash barred
(Right of rooster)

(On right)

The pullet from Butterbean I don't have a picture of right know.

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