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Nov 26, 2018

I'm just introducing myself and my flock! I have 2 barred rocks Hetty and Dotty, whom I have had since August 2017, a Sussex named Meryl , a Warren named Regina and blue hen named Agnis whom I've had since October 2017.
I now have 5 chicks that I adopted from the primary school I work at. They were hatched on site at the school and then decided it was not safe to keep them on the premises after a few break ins. I didn't want the chicks to have to go back to the farm where they would be sold into the meat, egg production industry or straight up offed for being male.
I have 2 boys (Reginald and Bruce) and 3 girls (Florence, Beautrice and Peggy) they are currently 16 weeks old and will go on to be separated into the boys as a pair seperately and the girls to be mixed with the older girls.

I am joining the this forum for support with any potentialissues I may face with the challenges ahead of mixing, blending and separating my little cluckers.


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Feb 5, 2018
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Glad your joined the group! If you would like all your chickens to be in one big flock, I would start the integrating process now. My new chicks were successfully mixed with my older girls by 5 weeks old!
Here are some articles that may help you with that:
Integrating at 4 weeks old

See but don’t touch

Raising chicks outdoors

And here's an entertaining story about roosters:
Keeping A Rooster

Good luck with all your beautiful chickens!
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Sep 18, 2018
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It's great that you saved the five babies from what likely would have been a dark future. I like your chickens' names, and you have a couple of breeds that I am extremely fond of (my barred rock was killed by a mink; she was lovely and friendly. And, I am determined to get a Sussex or two in the spring).

I'm sure you will find lots of useful information and friendly, helpful folks here. Welcome!!

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