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Jun 8, 2020
I have a gosling who is 6wks old. Today while I was bringing his peas over to him he ran ahead of me and to my horror took a nibble of fox glove. It's a poisonous plant that grows here. This happened at 4pm. It's now 1am. I've given him active charcoal and he's in bed and has been acting fine. I guess what I'm wondering is has anyone else had experience with this? Is my baby probably going to die? What's the time frame with these kind of things? Any info is greatly appreciated!
Hi, Welcome to BYC!

Sorry to hear about your goose, you did do a great job performing a charcoal flush right away, but may I ask the dosage you gave it to him at? We both know how toxic foxglove is, so I would think by now, he would be showing some abnormal behavior nonetheless, geese are known for nibbling on stuff that's poisonous, but they end up spitting out, so that may be like your case unless you physically saw him swallow it down. I think I'd just continue to keep him in a calm, warm, stressful free environment for now, and pay attention to any alterations in his behavior. If he stops drinking, he'll need to be tube-fed preferably by an experienced vet.
I hope this is great news!! He seems to be just fine. He woke up when I walked in and was talking and loving on me like normal when I picked him up.
As for the charcoal I gave him. My nephew put 9 to 10 capsules in about 10oz of water. I put peas in the cup and that worked to keep him interested enough to keep eating and drinking it. He had finished a little more than 3/4 of it before I put him in his area to lay down. I added more water to what was left and put some more peas in to a bowl and put that in next to his food bowl and it looks like he's drank it down to the bottom.

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