Hello! My name is Robin. I just joined this fun forum!


8 Years
Jan 9, 2012
My biz partner, Teeka, and I, were laid off recently from HP, where we both were writers. We have decided to venture out on our own, and are putting together our first Pet Gazette. We've been exploring all kinds of options for our magazine, which will be a four-color, class act. Since Salem, OR just went through a backyard chicken ordinance change, I thought this would be a good place to get ideas for articles. Have been looking through this site, and wow....what a range of things to write about! I am wondering if anyone out there has a unique 'chicken' story to be featured in our premiere edition. I raised chickens, but the best one I could think of personally was when we had to hatch a chick in the house, and came home one day to find it had learned how to poop underneath the toilet roll paper and peck at the paper until he'd covered up his mess. I really don't have much to elaborate on, since I didn't get to witness this miracle feat.
Any ideas?
Welcome to BYC, Robin! Your Pet Gazette sounds very neat.
I'd check out the "Pictures and Stories of My Chickens" section. A bunch of members have ongoing stories over there -- one I remember the title of is "Derperella, the (Weird) Salmon Faverolles." Good luck!

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