HELP, 5 weeks old chick paralyzed legs, Marek's or not?

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    Apr 19, 2016
    My little Flan, 5 weeks old, all of a sudden is paralyzed in both legs! It's been 5 days now and no recovery... I've done a lot of research, and know there's many options, but everything leaves me puzzled... has anyone experienced this before in a young chick?

    It started with one foot, the next day both feet and she could not move anymore... I isolated her from the free ranging flock into a small container and keep feeding her every hour or so as she does not seem to eat nor drink by herself. She is eating from my hand however, little by little. Sometimes curled toes, sometimes stretched legs back and forth, or any side. Cannot stand upright, falling to one side. The wings also started to get a little lame. 3 days later the neck also a bit. She is sleepy and weak. Poop is normal. Slightly gaining some weight so far (10gr per day...). The rest of the flock is perfectly fine (so far), also her siblings.

    - Marek's: I've read that the classic form with paralyzed legs only occurs from 12 weeks+ ???

    - Injury: No signs of injury...

    - Vitamin B2 deficiency: Was my first guess, but I gave her daily booster doses and it does not help, supposed to start recovering after a few hours???

    - Botulism or lead poisoning: After 5 days no sign of recovery, and normal poop, I don't think it's an option.

    - Inner Ear infection: No signs visible and no head shaking, and I had her on antibiotics the past 2 days just to be sure

    - Avian Encephalomyelitis: I've read only occurring until 3 weeks old?

    - Equine Encephalitis: I've read it's only occurring in North and South America? I live in Laos...

    So, that still leaves me to fear it's Marek's, classical form at an unusual young age, and I'm really worried that the whole flock is infested by now, not to mention poor little Flan's suffering and chances to recover...

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!

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    It's possible it could be Marek's, but it could also be a vitamin deficiency. I would try giving her B vitamins (make sure it has B2 (Riboflavin) and since she is having a neck issue as well include Vitamin E and Selenium. You can find poultry vitamins at the feed store.

    Marek's information - also includes vitamin/nutritional deficiencies that "mimic" Marek's

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