help baby chicks not eating

Hello! Can you give me a little more info? How old are they? What kind of brooder are you keeping them in? Do you know if they're warm enough? What are you feeding them? Are they still active or are they listless?
2 or3 days old they r in a box in the house with a light on them one is lazy but the outer 2 r running around and i am feeding them start and grow
Ok, here's a couple of things to look for....pasty butt is one thing....if they have poop stuck to their behinds, it can clog them up and they will die. So take a look at that. Then, make sure they are warm enough. At this age, they should be under a light and the temp should be 95 degrees, and there should be room enough for them to move away from the light if they're too hot. When they're too hot, they pant with their beaks open. If they're too cold, they will cluster together beneath the light and peep ALOT!

Good luck and keep us posted!

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