Help! Chickens attacked by loose dogs...


8 Years
May 21, 2011
My husband and I thought we would try and raise our own chickens for eggs. We've had the chickens for about 2 months now. Today two loose dogs got into the coop and two are now missing. A few are a little bloodied up but seem to be ok other than being in shock most of the day. What can I do to clean the wounds? I don't want them getting any infections. Any suggestions would be helpful as we are new to the whole chicken thing. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
I am not sure about treating the wounds, but I would not give up on the missing chickens. I have had a dog go after my girls a couple times and they are good hiders. They showed up a few hours later.
Just a few weeks a stray dog was in the yard and a couple of them were hiding in the front bushes. It took us awhile to find them. Good-luck!
So far I have found one wandering outside and you're right she was hiding in the bushes. We have a big cluster or bushes in the middle of our yard and it is possible there is more than one hiding in there. I hope that we do find the other 2 that are missing hiding in there as well. Thanks for the info
My dog just got a hold of our favorite hen (third hen this dog has attacked...she got into the locked shed somehow this time...we're buying the dog a chain link kennel). She's bruised up pretty good and has a few puncture wounds, one larger one on the back, then some around a thigh. She doesn't want to stand because of it (but will). I am cleaning wounds with peroxide, and then putting neosporin (NOT the kind with pain reliever, it is bad for hens) on the wounds to keep them clean. If the bloody spots are exposed, a shot of blu-kote to deter pecking would be good, too.
where are those dogs? They Will be back. You need welded wire or chain link to keep them out. Dogs will kill all of your chickens just for fun. Do you have a gun? Your chickens need to be warm and have lots of fluids. Antibiotic ointment on the wounds. I have been through the same thing, it really stinks. Hope they are all ok. Deb
Peroxide is very hard on tissues and can retard healing. Much better option for cleaning and flushing is betadine, then can use neosporin or antibiotic topical. Use a syringe (needle removed) and flush the betadine into the wound to prevent infection deep in the tissues. You should probably flush the wound daily until healing starts. Be sure and keep very clean and put them somewhere inside where flies cannot access the wounds to lay maggots. Give them some vitamins and electrolytes in their water and feed them extra treats to encourage them to continue to eat and drink (like scrambled eggs) Chickens can recover from some very bad wounds with proper care. Keep their environment as stress free as possible since shock can also kill them.
I found some Betadine (Povidone-Iodine) pads in our first aid kit. When I went to clean the wound I moved feathers and the skin actually pulls away from the meat of the chicken. I'm an animal lover and it's hard for me to have to put a chicken down. By the way, all chickens have been accounted for and this is the only wounded chicken. My husband wanted to shoot her but I started to cry and told him not to. I told him the other chickens will attack her if there is something seriously wrong with her. Any suggestions? Am I making her suffer? Should we just put her down? Please advise. Thanks.
Your girl should be fine with some TLC. Mine was attacked yesterday and has some pretty bad lacerations and puncture wounds. But I have seen worse heal. I had a girl get pretty much scalped before and healed so good you wouldn't even know it happened.

Keep her separate from the others if you can. Keep the area clean and dry. If you are using peroxide make sure to dilute it with some warm water. (cold hurts) I use antibiotic cream in the wounds and as the others said some extra vitamins into the water and treats.

Don't give up on her. They are real crazy healers.
I'm wondering how she is doing today. I have also had birds recover from some horrible wounds. As long as they don't have damage to internal organs and the wound is tended to, they can heal very quickly.

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