HELP! Dove falling over after injury


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We have fantailed doves that we brought inside for the winter. We let them fly around in the kids bedroom for exercise. The female flew into the wall! Her neck is now turned to the left and she falls over:( Is there anything we can do for her??? She can't keep her balance and leans against the side of the cage.
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Sounds like she has a head injury. Put her in a small cage/box with a heat source around 80 degrees so she doesn't die from shock. Make sure she's eating and drinking, you might want to look into getting a baby bird formula and feeding her with a syringe for a while. She might pull out of it and might not. I hope she gets better
Thank you so much for your help. She seems to drink when I help her, but I don't know about eating. Where can I find baby bird formula? I live in a rural area. There is a Tractor Supply Company store that I will check today.
I'm not sure if they'd have it but you can check. I know you can get it online and I assume you could make a mix to feed her with. I'll see what I can find for you.
Here's one site that has a 'recipe' for baby bird formula:

I will edit this post as I find others.
Have you tried holding her near her regular food and seeing if she can eat it? What do you normally feed them? If it's a crumble formula instead of a seed diet you could make a mash out of it with a little water and feed that to her.
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If you have the money to see a vet and she is not better by tomorrow, then you may want to consider taking her for a visit just in case. You've gotten some great advice so far
I can't see a fantail flying fast enough into the wall to be fatal, so I think she will be okay (but you never know), as long as you get food and water in her. Hopefully it is just shock.
Thank you all for your advice. She is still drinking water when I help her. She tried to eat some seeds this afternoon. I feed her a Complete blend seed mix. My son got them from a bird swap last spring and they have done great until now. Her neck seems to be getting worse.
She has it twisted right around upside down. She has also started to stand on just her left leg, but stood on both until today. Can I mix Purina flock raiser in a mash for her? I have that in the barn for the chickens.
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