Help! Emergency hatch!


5 Years
Mar 28, 2014
Reidsville, NC
I have a wonderful broody silkie who was sitting wonderfully and then stopped. Like all together. I have already hatched 2 chicks from the eggs she was sitting on and they're are 3 left. They were place on August 24th according to the person we rescued the hen and eggs from. I do not have an incubator because I've done so well in the past with broody hens and I do not want to lose these chicks. She was off the nest approx 2 hours before we found her. I've got them in a box currently with a heat lamp with a temp of 94 and slowly bringing the humidity up. It's at 59% now. Do I need to go rush and buy an incubator? Or should I throw in the towel. I candled the eggs and they look normal, so I'm left scratching my head.
Well chirping is a great sign. My father reckons incubators are a crock, they always did it with I wouldn't real advantage once they are cheeping (internally pipped) just wait with fingers and toes crossed!;);)
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I put the eggs in an incubator. I pretty much had no other way and wanted to save my babies :) I have one that pipped this morning and the other two are rocking and chirping. Hoping for chicks within the next day!
Ya. So exciting isn't it. Kinda like we had something to do with it, well, in your case you did!
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Well, all of the chicks went to the great brooder box in the sky. I think that the eggs getting chilled when the hen got off of them messed them up. We had one pip and it died shortly after hatching and the others died in the egg. Here's to hoping the next hatch goes as plan, and lessen learned as never rescue a hen and eggs together, especially if you don't know when the eggs were placed.
Well, you gave them a fighting chance and we do always learn something!!!

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