HELP! I have 60 seconds to convince commissioners


In the Brooder
May 29, 2016
Utica, KY
Our city commissioners will be voting on the chicken ordinance tomorrow evening. I will have 60 seconds to speak on why I'm in favor. Not sure what to say, other than them not being a nuisance. The general census of the commissioners is that people will start wanting to own other "farm" animals within city limits and they will cause neighbor complaints, the coops will be an eyesore, etc. Right now, no chickens are allowed within the city.
Any suggestions on what to say? How can I convince these city slickers that these pets will not disturb our city?

Side note: although I work in the city (pay taxes there) I do not live within the city limits, so my girls are totally legal. I'm hoping that I don't get brushed aside just because I'm not in the city commissioners' voting precincts.

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