HELP! My chick has been SCALPED!


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I have a small flock of 2 roosters and 7 hens along with 4 chicks about a month old. They are all doing just great. I recently went to the farm where I got my starter flock to help a friend get her chickens and I couldn't help myself....I had to bring home 2 Silkie/Cochin chicks which are about 4 weeks older than my chicks. Long story short, when it came time to introduce them to the flock they did OK for the first few days but then I found one of the new guys totally scalped. It is bad.....down to the bone. She won't eat and is lethargic. It happened when I wasn't looking (I am out there with my chickens a lot) so I don't know who the bully is. I put her in a crate and put her in the garage. Please advise me on how to treat the wound. How will I know when or if she should be put down? I do not want her to suffer but I want to do all I can to help her.
I have had luck with various products. I would wash it with a bedadyne solution first (very gingerly) then put neosporin on it. There is a product that you can get at walmart or most drugstores called mexcana - my vet told me about it and she swears by it. It is a powder. Sprinkle it on top of the neosporin. It will keep flies off and helps to speed healing. I've used it on horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and myself. Absolutely love the stuff. Best of all it is dirt cheap! It also helps to stop bleeding.

One note, when introducing new chickens, I have found that it works best if you do it at night. As much as I love chickens, they're not always that smart. If put into the coop at night after the others have gone to bed, they will wake up with the new ones and go, hmm, well, yes, I think I know you, oh that's right! With mine anyway, they have always accepted the ones introduced at night. However, if I put them in with them in the day, it can sometimes take weeks for them to work things out (if they ever do)
Neosporin and a good cleaning - I believe will work. After it begins to heal a bit, you could put some Blu-Kote on it to prevent further picking. You also may have to bandage it (where is Speckeled Hen or Purple Chicken when we need them?

Also - you introduced new chickens into your flock within a few days of bringing them home? Ouch... you should read up on biosecurity - and do please see Purple Chicken's postings and videos on what he just had to do with his entire flock
due to biosecurity. (
Thanks so much for all the help! I did in fact quarantine them first before introducing them. Not only did I keep them totally separated for a time (out of sight), I then had them next to the others but separated by a fence for a few days and then I sneaked them in at night with the others in the coop. It was a few days after that that the scalping commenced. I have her in the garage so I can keep a better eye on her now. I thought I did everything right with the way they were brought together.
By the way, is the Mexcana in the first aid section?

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