Help! my Rose comb bantam Lady Kaede has a weird infection on her Earlobe!


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It's really weird Rose comb bantams have white earlobes.But on one earlobe there is this brown stuff?At first I thought it was dirt but it wouldn't come off?

Any suggestions on the cure?
You might post a picture so that we can get a better idea of what is.
Does it look like there is any drainage coming from inside the ear? They can get smelly and infected. There is also a fungal infection called favus that leaves a whitish gray chalky residue on earlobes, combs, and wattles. Here is a thread with a picture of favus:

In the event of infection look at this thread in post # 2:
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Sorry I will. And also no there is no drainage coming from the ear. But the one eye where the earlobe is infected.
Her eyelids are swollen and her pupil is facing down and that one eye has lost all it's color? Only the one eye??
The brown material on the earlobe could also be fowl pox. The swollen eyes sound like a serious respiratory infection. Fowl pox can also affect the eyes, but usually the dry form is just scab or few scabs. Wet fowl pox can affect the mouth, throat, and airway causing respiratory distress. Here are some links for dry fowl pox and wet fowl pox (a horrible case): and
Dear Beetlegreen,

This could be ear cankers, I use Doxycyclin in this case for five days 30-35 mg/Kg body weight.

1. Brown mass on ear lobes.
2. some times soft some times hard.
3. Bird shakes his head.
4. Some times imbalanced.
5. Increased thirst

Please check if the image resembles your case


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