Help!! Newly hatched chick fine until today (2 days old)


The Farm Girl at Twilight
8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
I had 10 chicks hatch on Tuesday, 2 of which were somewhat shrink wrapped and I wrapped their eggs in warm damp papertowels (read about that on here) and left them alone to unstick...came back later they were fine. they got out of their shells and were up moving around the bator. I left them in there a little longer than the other 8 chicks bc they seemed to need it. Anyways fast forward to today...9 out of the 10 chicks are up moving around peeping eating drinking etc. This other chick is laying flat on its stomach with its eyes closed and seems to be gasping for breath. when I picked it up it did open its eyes but that was all I got from it. I have given it some sugar water and have it separated from the other chicks so they wouldn't peck at it. but no improvement
Is there anything else I can do?
It doesn't sound good. I have had couple like that this year and their just to weak to eat and they pass away.

I hope you have better luck.
I had that happen with one of my chicks too. I bought some electrolyte powder from tractor supply and added it to his water and he was fine and he is big and healthy right now. I hope it works out for ya.
it was the bigger of the 2 and it needed less help?? the other one is bopping around like nothing is wrong with it..its just smaller than the rest of them

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