Help! One got underfoot!


7 Years
Aug 20, 2012
I was just watering the chicks and one of my 4 week old lavender orp chicks got under foot and squished!!! :( It's not dead, but it flopped around for about 30 seconds while I tried to get a hold of it and then it closed it's eyes. It's still breathing. We brought it inside and have a little care bed for it. It's eyes are closed. I don't think it's neck is broken because it's moved it's legs - Could it just be in shock, should we wait it out and see? I feel so terrible, I have no idea how it even happened :(
I didn't even see it happen, but it was hard. I felt it, so I don't think it was full weight - it happened so fast.

It's breathing at a normal rate and has it's eyes closed and laying down. It's opening and closing it's beak periodically
thanks :)

its just worrying me that it seems like it is sleeping. It opened it's eyes ans stretched itself out a minute ago and then closed them again
Thank you - I put a heating pad under the blankets. I also dipped it's beak in water with a little drop of pure maple syrup and it did drink and then shake it's head. Still with it's eyes closed. I'd say that I probably stepped on it's left side because it seems to be curled a little around that direction. Finger's crossed that it's just in shock - poor thing :(

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