help!.. peeling boiled eggs!

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    May 5, 2014
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    Im having trouble peeling my fresh eggs after boiling. Before raising my own chickens i used generic store bought white eggs. I use the same technique but i rarely get a good peel.

    What am i doing wrong? What works best for fresh brown eggs ?( i only stress brown because my shells are super hard)

    What method, time, tips have you tried? Anyone else notice this problem?
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    There are a lot of threads here regarding different methods used. One thing that helps is to use eggs that are 2 weeks old or older vs. fresh out of the henhouse. As the eggs "age" there are changes internally as far as the membranes, etc and how firmly adhered they are to the shell which effects how easily the egg can be peeled. There are methods that can make peeling fresher eggs less difficult too, but I always just use boiling as a good way to get rid of my older eggs at times when the birds are in good production and we are becoming overstocked.

    Here are some of the threads you might find helpful:
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    I've always peeled immediately after taking them out of the cold water bath. Never tried freshly laid though.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    I've had the best results with eggs around 7 days old...particularly when making deviled eggs; not only does the shell peel easily but the yolks are well centered then.
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