8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
Does anyone know how to get a stubborn chick to eat or drink? I've exhausted just about every idea and she's now 3 days old so I know her yolk is just about gone now... I've sprinkled feed on the ground in front of her, Sprinkled it in my hand in front of her.... I've put things shiny in both the food and water and put my finger in the water to make ripples... She takes interest for a few seconds an then she's just too worried about other things... She's the only chick to hatch so I have a stuffed animal in with her but she doesn't act like a lone chick... She is super quiet and she loves to cuddle with people. Please help me with any other idea you have!! I don't want to lose this baby! I'm already in love with her an surprisingly so is my father and husband who are totally against me having any chickens at all!
Have you tried offering her crumbled up hard boiled egg yolk?

also try putting some sugar or electrolytes in her water.. sugar will often stimulate their appetites

I have not tried that yet but i'm going to grab all that now an try it! ... at 6am lol
I think iv'e officially lost my mind!
I tried the Sugar water first an it has sparked her interest in the water an she took a few sips by herself while she was out of the brooder... once I put her back into her brooder with her water dish, she stopped drinking.. i'm going to put a mirror in the brooder to see if that makes any difference.
pick her up and tilt her mouth to the water, submerge her beak just a little and bring it out. be sure not to get her nostrils in the water. and maybe she is drinking in the night or when u aren't watching. we had a chick with rye neck this helped with.

She has started drinking but I think she has very bad depth perception! She goes in at the water but falls short of it...
My last hatch of silkies are 8 weeks old today and I had to help 2 hatch.
One was in need of my assistance for 4 days. Toby I call him, needed hand feeding. Place your little one in a soft washcloth and gently open her beak and place small amounts of food mashed into soft liquid state , mash together egg yolk, chick starter and sugar water. Do this every hour!.
She wil lget the hang of eating sooner or later just be patient. I was able to keep Toby with me during the day with me ,and at nite return him to mom and sibs. I kept mom and babes in an indoor pen in my living room till Toby was old enough to go outdoors. During the day I kept Toby with me by wearing old beat up - or a size larger- cotton cupless bra/ exercise top. He was very comfortable snuggled between the " mountains" and I was able to go about my day. He went to the grocery store, hardware store etc with no problems. Make sure the chick is sitting on an old rag or piece of wash cloth in case of an accident.

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