Help!!!! Two day old chick with severe wounds!!! Help!!!

Chris Hernandez

May 17, 2017
I have a two day old chick that hatched late. When I went to put it with his mother and the rest of the chicks, the mother pecked it. Eventually I snuck it under her at night, but when i found it in the morning it was in a corner bleeding. The chick has 3 open wounds 1 of which is severe. The first one is on his back, you couldd see his spine, and the feathers and skin is gone. The other one is on the back of his head which is not as severe, and the third is his nech that is completely featherless and was bleeding. He was doing better when we got him a heat lamp but now he can not lift his head up at all, and does not even chirp when i pick him up. He is only two days old and will not drink or eat. I have cleaned the wound, and put hydrogen peroxide, and neosporin. He is not moving very much and will not stand up. He won't even open his eyes.
For the wounds, use the neosporin or get some veterycin spray (many feed/pet stores carry it). Peroxide can inhibit healing, so don't use it anymore. You may have to feed it to get it to eat. For starters hydration is more important than food. Give water with electrolites (sav-a-chick) about every 20 minutes, as much as it will take. Just use a dropper and put a drop at the point of the beak, or put a drop in the crease of your finger and dip the beak in. If you don't have any electrolites you can make your own, recipe here:
If this helps you can mix some raw egg yolk in water and give the same way, until it's strong enough to eat on it's own.
If the chick is unable to move you are going to have to monitor temperature very carefully. Normally they will move into and out of the heat source to regulate their temperature. You are going to have to make sure it's warm enough, but not too warm until it's able to do that. Here is another link with some advice:
I hope your chick makes it. There is a possibility that there are unseen issues with the chick that the hen recognized and thus tried to drive it away. Hard to know. Chickens can be brutal to each other for reasons we can only try to understand. Also possible that the hen damaged it too much.

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