Help! When will I see improvement?

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  1. Ok, so my Polish Roo has been sneezing for almost two weeks. I put Denagard in the water and he quit drinking. Nibbled at the dew on the wire, drank the rain, ate the snow and got worse. He is now mouth breathing so I separated him gave him the med in his water with brown sugar to improve the odds of him drinking it, and soaked some pellets in the same. How many days before I will see improvement?? The others have shown no signs and are on the preventative dose and I wonder how long I should keep that up. Any Input is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    You may want to take a dropper or syringe to see if you can get some of the medicated water down him. You also may need to add a heat lamp if it is really cold.
    He may improve faster.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I thought about giving him a bit straight but I wonder how many cc's. Anyone???
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    Does he have any chest congestion? I've heard that oxine can work wonders for this type of thing. You put it in one of those mist things for sick children and it helps clear the mucous.

    Don't let anyone convince you to cull him. It sounds respiratory, and yes, he will be a carrier for life.

    Any foul smell? Any eye problems?

    I wish I could help you more... Separate him for sure.
  5. Quote:Thanks for the reply! No rattling in his chest but definitely respiratory. Sneezing lots, dirty nostrils but no eye discharge. No smell either, poo is fine too. I have every intention of keeping him in the garage, separate from the other until he gets better, but wonder how long before I see improvement and approx how long til I can put him back in with the others.

    Anyone know if I can give him an initial cc of Denegard to get him going?

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    You cant dose him with a cc "straight," it has to be mixed in the water to be effective. You will have to draw a full syringeful from the dosage you already mixed, pull his wattles down and slowly squirt the liquid into his mouth letting go of his wattles. Let him swallow it on his own. The larger the syringeful the better ie...the more you get in him, the better. You'll have to dose him with the syringeful 4-5 times a day for 3 days. The treatment dose (16cc's) for 3-5 days shouldve knocked this out of him, and dosing with monthly preventative dose thereafter keeping the disease in check. Most likely he didnt drink the treatment dose mixture, OR he doesnt have a mycoplasma disease.
  7. Thanks For your reply Dawg. He is doing a tiny bit better, hanging in the garage and eating up his medication soaked food too. I have never handled him until now and he is really liking it, and he's growing on me too! Hope he comes through it all. I am pretty positive that it is Mycoplasma and I Hope I got enough mess into him quickly enough.

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    Quote:That's a good idea putting the mixture in his feed so he can eat it, it would help alot to dose him orally as well...the more the mixture gets in him, the better.

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