HELP with Hock joint ~ ACHILLES TENDON Can anyone help??

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    Hi everyone, trying a new post now that I am sure of what is wrong with my chick, after some great help with last post I have found out the tendon in my 2 day old chick (almost 3 days) needs to be pushed back in place. it is very swollen at the hock joint, and goes back about as far as it could. I will post picture if that might help, but I'm thinking if someone knows how to correct this they wont need a picture ~ let me know though. I found an old post from 09 with the same problem, someone posted an article from DC Townsend. The article said to gently pinch the hock joint, and sometimes one time can correct it other times it can take more than one treatment over the course of days. we tried it once, with no luck. my questions are" should the leg be extended when we try to get it back in place? And how many times a day would it be recommend to try this? My concern is she/he isnt eating, and only drinks (water with electolytes) when forced. I have been told she may be ok with no food right now as she is only 2 days old. But I would think she needs water? She is in her own brooder with heat, soft towel on flooring 2 little stuffed animals and my daughter put a little cross in there with her hoping it would help [​IMG]
    I go back to work tomorrow and wont be able to nurse her closely for the 8+hours Im gone. If anyone can help me with the hock joint correction I would greatly appreciate it, and so would she/he [​IMG] Thanks in advance.

    Update: We tried pinching the hock joint with no luck, they said it could take a few trys. Found a site that explained how to put that part of her leg in a splint using a straw to try and stretch tendon. I think its helping. took it off today and her leg tried to stay stretched. Put it back on, put two other chicks in with her and its going ok. Maybe 1/2 way out of the woods! [​IMG]
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