Help! Worried about this......girl? - White Sussex


Aug 5, 2016
Very new to this, live residential zone so no roosters aloud!
This girl (The White Sussex) is one of the youngest but is just as tall as the others and her comb and wattles are the same size/bigger. She is also very independent of the group
She is a good 6 weeks younger than those in the picture

Thanks in Advance!
How old is it? Without knowing the age of the bird, I'm leaning more towards pullet, because I don't see any male feathering and the comb isn't exceptionally big, but the face is pretty red, and that's what's making me sort of think there's a chance it could be a rooster.
That's fairly red for 8 weeks....Can you get pictures of the saddle and hackle feathers? I don't know if the bird is old enough, but as the males get older they get shiny, long, pointy, and semi-translucent saddle and hackle feathers. That's a very accurate way to tell if the chick is a male or female, but yours may still be too young, because the boys don't start getting them until around 2-3 months old.

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