HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Young Chick Attacked By Dog!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 22, 2020
So, my dog got to one of your younger chicks, and we got to her quite quickly, but under her wing, not the wink itself but under it is swelling quite bad, she won't drink and is panting very hard. I put her inside to cool her off, and gave her some food. But shes still panting. What do I do?
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It's swollen
She pooped once and drank a tad, also can waddle/ Parsley walk
We also believe she might have sprang her leg
Chickens are very resilient. So she’ll be fine. But do keep her separated until she’s fully healed. I hope someone can pop in here to see if additional stuff needs to be done, but I personally would just keep her separated and give her extra attention.

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