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Aug 31, 2015
Yesterday my blue americana started acting funny. She was only 14 weeks old but i thought, okay maybe she will lay in two weeks & is just getting ready. She died today & now im worried for my other chickens.
The last 24 hrs
Yesterday morining i went to the coop she was fluffed up by the door. I turned the heat lamp on & placed her below it. By Yesterday afternoon she was walking around but stayed fluffed & kind of swaying her head but i thought okay she doesnt want me messing with her. I checked her 4 times yesterday each time she seemed more active so i thought maybe she just got cold.
This morning i went out to check her, she was under the heat lamp fluffed. I touched her, i thought she was sleeping. She didnt really move much. I picked her up she was bleeding from the nose & coughed up...some kind of yellow liquid about two drops. Then she died. This is my first time to have chickens. Ive had them all since babies, they were all vaccinated as babies. Is this something that my other chickens can catch? What avout us or our kids??
Im waiting on a chicken vet to call me back but thought someone here might help sooner.

The picture i posted was her yesterday.

Thanks for your help, in so sad about losing her
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Many things can kill a chicken quickly but the only thing I can think of that causes bloody mucous and nasal discharge from coughing is Infectious Laryngotracheitis. If that is the problem, there is no cure and it is highly contagious.
Postmortem findings will be a swollen windpipe clogged with bloody mucous.
There is no human health risk.
You said they were vaccinated as chicks. Was that for Marek's or IL as well?
What state are you in?
What kind of feed have your birds been on?
An Ameraucana won't be close to laying eggs at 16 weeks.
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