Oct 1, 2021
Hi guys I need some help this is my first time hatching fertile eggs and we put 3 eggs under 2 Brudy silkie hens their due dat was yesterday and 2 of one of the hens chicks have hatched and another started to pip, but the other hen we have has not had any eggs started to hatch or pip why?


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May 2, 2021
North West Ohio
Some hens are better sitters than others, One may get off eggs more often and for longer periods to eat and other things. The longer breaks can effect hatch times or even if they hatch at all. Not all hens have all the instincts to do everything they need to do correctly. But I would think if she has been somewhat vigilant at sitting she may just be a little behind other broody. Might even be where she is nesting maybe her nest area doesn't hold heat as well as other and eggs are incubating at slightly lower temp. Can be many variables.
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