Jul 12, 2017
so my hen hatched 3/5 guinea eggs I put under her but she wont mother the babies - she left the nest and has been laying in the dirt outside the nest for about 2 hours now... the chicks are still in the nest - able to walk and toddle around - so they are a few days old. Is this normal or will I need to intervene?
I would sgree. You need to get them in a brooder or box and keep them warm either with a heat lamp or make a mama heating pad to warm them. I had a broody hen who left her chicks at 2 weeks old, and they were able to find food and water already. They stuck together, and slept in a nest box for a couple of weeks, until they learned to roost, all together. I watched them closely, and the others all had accepted them into the flock. Their broody never had anything to do with do from that day forward and would peck them and run them off. I hope your chicks do okay.

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