Hen laid leathery egg filled with blood


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May 24, 2015
Hi. Has anyone every seen anything like this? One of my girls laid it this past Sat. I have 6 hens. All but one still lays eggs so I'm assuming it came from her. She hasn't laid since since last spring. I brought it to my Avian vet and she said she has never seen anything like it before. I am bringing Lily ( the non layer) to her tomorrow to examine. Otherwise, no one seems sick. They all act and look healthy and happy. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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thanks. All the pictures I've seen of lash eggs, none look like mine. All the pictures show a lash egg as being hard boiled like and none filled with blood. Mine was a soft shell filled with jelly like blood. Update on vet appointment. When I put Lily back in the pen there was a soft shelled fairy egg on the ground that wasn't there when we left. It looked like a normal soft shell egg (with no blood in it) filled with egg white. So, with that being said, I think I took the wrong chicken. Ugg. The Dr. said Lily looked healthy but gave her shots of calcium, myacom (? on the spelling - mixture of C and D) oxytetracycline to be safe. I'm not sure what to do now. I got 5 eggs today, 2 blue and 3 brown, so I know it's not one of my EE's that laid the soft shelled egg. And now I have to figure out what egg shade Lily lays so as to not have to trash all 3 brown eggs because of the antibiotic she got today. And then of course, figure out who is the sick one.
Sometimes it's a challenge to figure out which chicken lays which eggs! I hope you get it sorted out and figure out which hen is having the problem. Keep us posted!
Thank you. I've been sitting with them all morning. So far one EE, the older RIR and one of the young RIR have laid their eggs. The other 3 are grooming themselves. Thankfully the weather here in SE PA is not so bad today. Their pen is at 68° right now.

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