Hen or a Roo?


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Mar 6, 2013
Here are my home grown birds. I had a broody hen I just let her sit. There are 4 and they paired off so I think these 2 are roosters but I am not sure. They were born late Feb. They are big healthy feathered out quickly birds. Their black feathers are actually a dark black greeny sheen. The one is in scared stance (2nd pic) but appears to be rumpless. I don't have any rumpless birds I dunno what he is. The Roo pappa is a Sussex and the Momma hen is either a black star, red star, auracana, buff orpington or a blue laced red wyandotte. Am I right? Are they roosters or are they hens? I'd like for the top one to be a hen because if you see my avatar that's my daughter nursing this chicken to life. A hen would be preferable. lol

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Feb 25, 2011
He's a roo, 100%. He is not rumpless, just being slow and lazy about growing a tail. Some roos do this. Don't worry, he'll get around to it.

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