Hen or Rooster. Sussex


5 Years
Sep 10, 2014

Here is a Sussex we purchased as a youngster and were told it was a hen.
My friend however is certain it's a rooster?
We've not had any eggs from her, but I've not seen it trying to do its roosterly job either.
We only have 1 rooster in our flock, a silkie, and the silkie rooster and this Sussex are best friends which I wouldn't have thought they would be if the Sussex was a rooster?
I don't know the age, I'd guess 6 months?
That's no good. Does this mean I will have to rehome either the silkie rooster or this one?
Currently they are best friends and the rooster pictured grew up with the silkie rooster
I'd say he's a rooster but that sure looks like a Light Brahma to me not a Sussex.
Wouldn't a Brahma have feathered legs? It looks like it could be a light Sussex to me. It also looks like a rooster to me- the pointed cape feathers, especially.

I don't know if it is the norm for the breed, but I have heard of Sussex cocks maturing somewhat slowly compared to other dual purpose breeds.
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I guess re-homing would depend on two factors:-

1. The ability of the two roosters to continue to get along, and

2. The number of hens that you have.

I think the recommended ratio is approximately 1 rooster for every 10-15 hens?

Too many roosters and not enough hens = A lot of pressure on your girls due to unwanted "rooster attention."

Others more experienced may know the correct ratios, but that, and any potential fighting between the 2 boys would be my main concerns.

- Krista
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We have 6 hens (3 isa browns, 2 Sussex, 1 silkie)
For now the silkie rooster and the rooster pictured are best of friends so is there any chance that they won't fight and will live together nicely? Not sure whom I would rehome :(

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