Hen pecked, bloody head, what to do? (Pic)


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May 18, 2011
Sweet Dottie was found pretty bloody this morning, it looks fresh as there's no scabbing. I havent seen it this bad before. Any particular thing I should do about this?

Clean the blood off. Don't worry about it. This happens. If they see blood, they will try to attack her though.

Probably happened if a rooster was mating her. Combs bleed a lot when cut.
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Like Aoxa said, clean the blood off. Then put Blu-Kote on it to help heal and prevent picking/pecking. Dont get it in her eyes.
When putting the blue stuff on, wear paint clothing. It will get on you, no matter how careful you are :p

That stuff is amazing. I was at my wits end with one hen's wound. It was extremely deep and wide. I was worried about maggots it was so bad. She didn't seem in pain, and was still laying - so I bought that Blue Kote and 3 weeks later she is entirely healed. She had those wounds for a month beforehand with no visible improvement by using an ointment made for chickens that was similar to polysporin. The Blue stuff was like a second skin.
Good idea... I'll try to run up there this afternoon. In the meantime I'll just clean it with wipes and perhaps alcohol

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