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    So we have 2 buff orpingtons, a BSL, a LF Cochin, a silkie and a frizzle that have been laying for about 2 mths now. The silkie is the only one we haven't witnessed laying but all the others we have watched lay. So we usually get 4-5 eggs daily. The past week or so we are getting 1-3 a day at the very most. Their diet and routine is the same as it has been for past 6 mths. Weather is getting cooler but not less than 40 degrees at night a couple times. What could cause this sudden drop in eggs? There was one buff that was trying to go broody and I had to keep running her out of coop and shutting door. She is fine now and haven't seen her in nest last day or two. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks
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    They are probably beginning to molt, look for feather loss. They molt in the fall for fresh new feathers to keep them warm, and they will slow down laying. They will start laying again once they are done molting.

    I hope this helped!
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    I think most of this has to do with the breeds you have.

    Your black sex link is your only production type layer. She's probably giving you 6 of those eggs a week.

    The Orpingtons are next. They're reasonably good layers, but if they go broody all production grinds to a halt. It may take a month or so for her to start laying regularly again.

    the Cochin, silkie and frizzle......none of those breeds are production layers. They're more ornamental breeds and seasonal layers.

    I think you may just be out of production until spring on those ladies. If you want more eggs, you need production bred birds.
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    Mar 27, 2016
    I would be extremely impressed if there was a production bird that gave 4-5 eggs a day!
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    Since they've only been laying for a couple months I doubt they are molting yet... cool weather really doesn't affect laying, but shortened days will... as the amount of daylight lessens so will the amount of eggs laid...
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