Heritage Large Fowl - Phase II

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    Yes! Pullet eggs have a lower hatch rate until they get to 52G for Large Fowl.

    It is from one of those recent Poultry Experiments.
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    inane is one of those words that just drives something home huh? LOL

    Yes I think all those folks that talk about being scared their chickens would eat them alive if they slipped down in their pens those are cause their chickens are tired of vegies(soybeans) and all they can see is red meat to fulfill the other half/desires of their diets LOL

    folks wonder why the meat and eggs from the store are so tasteless or too me pukified tasting? Well have they ever ate a soybean or drank a tablespoon full of veg. oil, all is relative and taste 'bout equal LOL

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    Quote: Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
    Congrats on your brand new BYC Spirit award! [​IMG]
    Very deserving!
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    I tried to use the heads and feet once but got frustrated trying to clean them. The feet didn't peel as nicely as the you tube videos show. Maybe the water wasn't hot enough? Then I was perplexed by the head. Couldn't figure out how to skin it and plucking it would have taken all day. So I use the hearts and livers and stuff, but not the heads or feet. Would like to use the heads and feet if I could clean them quickly.
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    I love gizzards, livers hearts and even the feet (which to me, taste like gizzards) but I'm not too sure how I could deal with wattles and combs. I'd surely give it a try and I just might.

    My mom and grandma used to even cook the 'egg sack'....I was an only child and I always got it....so good!
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    As a suburban child I was never exposed to anything "icky" like offal until some open-minded neighbors invited me over (with my mom's permission) to serve me chicken livers. They probably had a bet on whether I'd eat them . . .

    The chicken livers, fried in butter, were delicious. Sorry, Mom.
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    I've had them served in restaurants and even private homes where they had just been dredged inseasoned flour and fried to a very nasty crisp.

    I like to put them in a strainer, dip them in boiling water for a few minutes to get much of the cooking done....then drain, dredge and fry quickly and crisp. That way, they are done but very tender.
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    Ummm not so sure that I'm with you guys on the whole liver thing. I had Pâté before and that's a French liver paste. Wasn't horrible but definitely not something I wanted more of.
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    The turkeyhead malines is an old, typical belgian breed obtained long ago by crossing malines with heavy game breed named "Brugse Vechter" (Brugge fighter) in dutch. The illustration you posted is one of the official colors (golden cuckoo) but that color disappeared long time ago, some peoples are trying to recreate this color as well as other official colors (white, blue, silver cuckoo, black, ...), most of them being recognized colors from the "Brugse Vechter". I'm living in Belgium and I’m one of the few passionate who are still raising this old breed. They are slow growing (18 months to reach full maturity) and roosters can reach up to 6-7 kg (12-14 lbs). Hens are also very heavy 4.5 kg (9 lbs) and give few eggs (120-150/year). Quality of the meet is Exceptional, far the best meet you'll ever eat. To my knowledge, almost all the Mechelse Kalkoenkop available in belgium are originating from 2 or 3 lines, some peoples in the netherlands might also have different lines but I'm still trying to locate them.
    If you want nice pictures, you can visit this website where you'll see the two belgian breeds I just talked about:
    This guy is the original owner of on the the two "lines" for the Mechelse Kalkoenkop (turkeyhead malines), to my knowledge, he doesn't sels hatching eggs.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more info about this breed.
    Sincerely yours,
    Nicolas from Belgium.
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