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  1. GertieGirls Mom

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    Sep 25, 2018
    First time chicken owner here, and already I’m stressing!
    I know someone here can help~ we bought 4 straight run Americaunas and one Cornish Rock x on 9/3 from Tractor Supply. Since we were unsure of how many males there may be, we picked up 4 pullets about a week later.
    All had been fine, until yesterday. They began picking on the Cornish(my favorite, GertieGirl), and today, after a nice time in the yard, they tore her up once inside, drawing blood. I am beyond upset!! Right now I have her by herself to heal a bit. Does anyone have thoughts as to what is happening? They are still in a huge Hefty box, we’re waiting on the coop to be delivered. Thank you in advance :)
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    Jul 29, 2017
    :frow Welcome to BYC!!! :woot Sorry I don't know how to help. I hope you figure it out :hugs
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    Jul 15, 2018
    Hiiii!!! :welcome It's great to have you! Don't stress... My Rhode island Reds beat up my Cornich Xs. I'd say they are just establishing a pecking order. You will most likely have to separate them...
  4. sourland

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    Welcome to BYC. Sadly because of their sedentary nature and slow feathering characteristics Cornish X sometimes get picked upon. Space may very well be a problem. Provide more room as soon as is possible. Understand that your Cornish X is destined to have a short life span. They are bred for rapid weight gain and if maintained beyond 10 + weeks can develop leg and heart problems. Limiting feed can help expand their lifetime. Good luck in resolving this.
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    I'm so sorry to tell you something about your favorite chick...
    Cornish cross are meat chickens. They are bred to be raised for only 8-9 weeks until slaughter. After that, they usually succumb to any of many possible health problems and have a very short life expectancy. They grow extremely fast, gain weight and some can't even walk properly... their feed needs to be limited. All that ONLY applies to meat birds.
    Your others should grow up just fine and live a long life... but maybe they sense something different about your sweet cornish.
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    Mar 21, 2016
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    Hello, and welcome to BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC!
    :yesss:We are glad you joined our flock!

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    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
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    Glad you joined our flock! Pull up a roost! :hugs
  10. Sorry for your trouble!
    I hope you have at least one other chick that does not pick on the cornish as she will not like to be alone.
    I recieved a cornish hen once in a hatchery choice of 25 chicks. I did not have this issue with my bird. My cornish lived about 3 years. She did not roost so i made her ground arrangements on the floor. She laid 2 to 3 eggs a week for me. Her name was murtle as she moved as fast as a turtle. You are right, they have the sweetest disposition.
    Welcome to the backyard!

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