High Blood pressure

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    My mom found out she has it. she's going into tomorrow for blood work. [​IMG] 170 over X (The x means I don't know). She has higher blood pressure than my dad :\\ So I deicded to crack open some kombucha tea and give it to my mom. "Your going to drink this twice a day, everyday. Yay [​IMG]
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    w/o my bp meds, usual is 180/110 Yup, without my meds I am shortening my lifespan drastically for every day I go without. kombucha tea helps some (as it's a diuretic) but she needs to get on meds from the doc.
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I have high blood pressure. When I went to the Dr. he said I had to start the medicine. I bucked. I didn't want that. My wonderful Dr. described it like this. He said High blood pressure is like your body is on fire. Doesn't matter what caused it. You have to put the fire out now! (medicine) After you get it controlled then you go to work fixing the contributing problems such as, smoking, diet, weight loss and exercise. Kind of takes the fun out of life. [​IMG] It is a necessary step. It was pretty easy to understand the urgency when put in these terms. Support your Mom taking the medicine. It is very possible that if she makes some changes she would only have to take it for a short time. You are a good son to be so concerned for Mom . [​IMG] Hugs and Prayers. Oh and the tea is a good idea.
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    Ah, Thanks for the advice.... But Im a dude.
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    [​IMG] So sorry. I just saw where I said Daughter. [​IMG] My apologies, kind sir,
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    Quote:Don't ask, don't tell. And in some cases, I really don't want to know.
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    I have been on meds on and off since I was 29 for high blood pressure. Every once in a while my pulse will drop really low and I have to go to the Doc. They will take me off of it for a while till it goes back up. Mine seems to be linked to my diet and stress. If I eat right and don't drive it goes down to normal. Last time it was 220 ish over 140 so I am back on the meds again.
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    Quote:ah. Just like kiss don't tell [​IMG]
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    get it medicated. I didn't know I had hypertension until a blood vessel in my brain burst, leaving me with no movement or feeling in the right side of my body. Re-learning to speak, write, walk as an adult is awful... even washing myself and brushing my hair was almost impossible.

    learn from my bad example, and get your blood pressure checked and medicated if it needs it. Do it before it happens to you. One in three will die from a burst blood vessel in the brain.
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    It's Important not to start anything different until your mom see's the Dr. I can't express enough the importance of this. Then once she see's the Dr. she can add things under HIS supervision. I love the description turney 31 described. You are a great son... in fact your awesome, but step back and see if she will take control herself. But you can help her by making healthy meals and going on walks w/ her.

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