Home built outdoor brooder

Mister B

8 Years
Feb 7, 2013
NW Alabama
A few weeks ago, I ordered ~20 chicks from Meyer. So, I needed someplace to put them when they came. I had used a cardboard box inside, but the little peepers drove my Yorkie nuts. He wanted to lay in the middle of them, he loves the chickens. So , anyway, at school, they had several crates and pallets come in when they redid the bleachers in the gym. I took them all home with me. I took one 4x4 pallet and added a layer of OSB to the bottom. I made 16" walls from 2x4 and put 1' wide pieces of OSB for the walls. I added 1" mesh netting (Chicken wire) from bottom to top around the sides. This leaves a 4" opening at the top of the wall for ventilation. Since it is 4x4, I thought that was too big an area for the chicks. I added another 1 foot wide piece of OSB to cut the space in half. When the chicks are 5-6 weeks old, I will take it down. Or put them on the bigger side and put more chicks on the other. For a top, I used another piece of OSB. It is hinged for easy access. I have a 2x4 across the middle at the top to attach my light for heating. I used pine shavings for litter. Pictures to follow.
Sounds interesting. I cant wait to see pics.
Yep, I'm home now. I was going to put pictures in as I built it, but..... anyway, pictures.

I am storing the chicks pine shavings on the left while the chicks are growing.

I have no idea what kind the monster chick is. The guy I got it from, said it was a week old (last weekend) It is the same age as the black one. The black one is a Barred Rock. I think it will be a hen. Anyone know what the big one might be? Guesses are fine.


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