Horizon Structures 6x4 coop + Runs GREAT DEAL pickup


12 Years
Oct 5, 2007
Hey guys I am considering selling my coop off and downsizing to a smaller coop. This decision isn't final yet and I don't have the other coop yet so I can't sell it just yet. This coop is great I have kept both LF and Bantam in it and this is a deal the PVC runs and Coop along are probably worth at least $2000. I have kept 12-15 LF birds in this coop and they where fine as long as they got free range time or had the runs. I will clean out the coop and disinfect it before you come to pick it up. The PVC runs do need a pic of repair adn are only covered in chicken wire so not really fox or dog proof but could be easily made more predator proof. The coop has the wheel kit installed and the PVC runs are easily moved as well. The roof is the metal hunter green roof offered by horizon for an extra charge. The coop has been really good for me and is completly water/ predator/ and weather proof. Just PM me if your interested and we can work something out. I still have to figure out getting the other coop but in that time may be able to figure out delievery. I would also be willing to let some chicks go with this coop. I have salmon faverolles Bantam and would add 12 for free if you come pickup the coop. This would make a great starter kit for anyone interested in adding some backyard chickens. I might also be able to add a pair of two of std Faverolles from Pasofinofarms lines if that is what your interested in and depending on the sex of the chicks I hatched.

I will try and get some more pictures of the coop and runs soon.

Here is the we page with all of the information about the details of the coop:

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