Horse got 'caught' in the barbed wire...

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  1. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    and has cut herself up pretty good. Most of it looks like surface scratches, but there is one area on her back leg that has a lot of cuts on it. I don't think any of the cuts are deep, but this area has a lot of cuts (number).
    What do I need to do with it? I'm assuming that part needs to be wrapped? What do I use to clean it with? Plain water? Soap and water? What kind of soap?

    We don't have the means or funds to take her to a vet, plus I don't think she needs that. She just needs some first-aid treatment.
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    If you have some contact lense solution...or some kind of disinfectant clean them out. We have used peroxide also. We used furrall (sp?) that we bought at TSC. It is some awesome stuff and healed our mare right up. We would clean it everyday...and at first wrapped it, using sanitary pads (lol) and vet wrap. then we stopped wrapping it and sprayed it with the furrall. It took a couple weeks but our mare had a cut clear to the bone on her front leg. Hope this helps.
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    I would clean with soap and water, when dry put some nitrofurazone on it.

    Is the horse UTD on a tetanus shot? If not, get one from TSC or the feed store.
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    If you are not experienced wrapping legs you are better off leaving them open to the air. improper wrapping can disrupt blood flow. nitrofurazone is great for cuts and relatively inexpensive about $10 for a tub. rinse the cuts well with the hose if you have some betadine use it. Swat is great for keeping flys away from the cuts if that is a concern. good luck and keep us updated
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    And then, run a couple lines of well-charged electric wire inside the part(s) of the fence where the barbwire is, so it is less likely to happen again. Because otherwise it probably *will* and you may not get off so lucky.

    Totally agree with not wrapping unless you are VERY experienced at it already. It is way too easy to cause further problems. If you *are* experienced, like used to work as a racetrack or show-barn groom, then you can apply some mild antibiotic ointment and dressing and wrap on top of that, changing it daily. Otherwise just leave the leg nekkid.

    As long as the cuts are small, shallow and not in areas that move much (the back of the pastern is the worst IME) they should heal fine if you just keep them clean. Don't use peroxide (except in very unusual situations) as it damages the tissues that will be needed to start healing. Just mild soap and water is fine. Keep the horse somewhere reasonably hygeinic while it heals, i.e. not somewhere real muddy.

    Good luck,

  6. IcarusSomnio

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    Cold hose for 5 minuets. Gently pat dry. Apply a triple-antibiotic ointment and iodine. I'd also put on a antibiotic spray that also works as a fly spray. Don't wrap.

    I'd also give her a tetnus shot if her last was over six months ago. Inject in the neck and make sure you don't hit a vein. I've done several (including injecting a mare who went through a fence with a MASSIVE syringe of antibiotic) and it's a simple, easy process. There may be lump at the sight of the injection, this is normal. Some get it, some don't.

    My most recent adventure was when my 11 year old gelding took off two huge strips of hide off his back legs. He was walking funny for a few days, but a hosing and liberal application of Corona's Lanolin Rich Ointment and he doesn't have so much as a scar anymore. Great stuff, I love it.
  7. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Adair Co., KY
    Quote:I think this is what we've got. Dad went to one of the neighbors that keeps beef cattle and got some stuff from him. The neighbor told him to move her to a different pasture (the one they were in is supposed to be a hay field but we couldn't get it cut, so the grass is probably belly-high to them) and then put the stuff on her. So dad's out there working on that.

    The worst part is on her back right leg, where the 'knee' is? It's on the front part of the leg. Somehow she got her right leg on the outside of the wire and her left leg was on the inside. Her rump and her belly are both scratched, and I think she even had some scratches on her left front leg. [​IMG]

    We have 2 horses, this one is a 6 or 7 year old Tennessee Walker mare, then we have a 9 year old QH gelding. The gelding is a pain in the butt, and I'm sure he is the reason she went through the fence...he's always aggravating her.

    ETA: She was sitting on the wire, it took us forever to get her to stand up.
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  8. arabianequine

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Maybe need to separate the two horses with hot wire down the middle but also run some hot wire on the inside of the whole pasture. They can smell that it is hot to so it should help to keep them off especially if they get zapped.

    I used fura-zone on my horse open cut but it was really ripped open and tore muscle inside had to be stitched too. Those stitches stayed in as far as we know. You can get it at the feed store. She had stitches but this was in her shoulder so of course it ripped open in about 4-5 days and had to heal it from the inside out took like 2 months.....and had oral antibiotics with pain meds in it....this was put in grain. Hosing it down I would do every-time you change the bandage to clean it/out...I did and was told too by my vet and other people. I think it really helped.

    I don't like barb wire for this reason but already here and put up and it does horse did not get cut on the pasture barb wire though. It was loose barb wire on the ground outside her pasture.

    Maybe pics if possible would help us give you better advice.

    Good luck!
  9. hunterjumper999

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    if you need some hot tape ( wire woven thru it) i have enough to do an acre or so. you will need to just buy connectors ( -5.00 each pack) and the charger ( 40-200 depending).

    i'll gladly mail it when i take it down - its used but still works.
  10. HeatherLynn

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    We use scarlet oil. Its what the vet gave us to use to first time one got a bit banged up. We have a bunch of ornery male horses so they get scarlet oil on cuts all the time. Wonderful stuff. Watch out stains your clothing something awful.

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