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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Oh I already know to go with a gelding with what others have been telling me. I was at the barn the other day, weather was so off - it was snowing, then not, then windy, then snowing. So I didn't ride, just went over to help groom, etc. Well when it was time to let the ponies out (one is a pony, one is a mini) my trainer grabbed the pony, I went after the mini I made the mistake of walking up behind (but on the right side of) the pony. Well the other horse in the barn was getting a little frisky and I guess she wanted to kick him even though he was in his stall - she ended up shifting her body over towards me and kicked me right in my inner thigh. I have a huge welt on my thigh, probably the biggest bruise I've ever gotten, but I am thankful she didn't kick any bones. LOL What makes this story funny, is my trainer was JUST saying before that all that happened - "Do as I say, not as I do" because she was combing one of the horses tails prior to that and was actually standing behind her instead of to the side and her horse gave a small kick - nothing big, just a little "hey I don't like that" and she just moved to the side of the horse. Thats when she was like "This is why you never stand behind a horse - Do I as say not as I do" LOL And what did I do? Exactly the opposite! Not sure what I was thinking.
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    Hello! I hope you find a horse! My show horse's trainer specializes in training and re-homing horses. There is a horse in AZ who has a very special story. He was born on the way to a slaughter house! His mother was going to be turned into dog food, and gave birth to him! The slaughter house people couldn't bear to kill them, and sent both to her. He is a really sweet horse! I have meet him in real life! Here is a link to him if you are interested...

    If you want a tiny bit of a challenge, and still want to train a horse, he is young and still learning. I would suggest going to clinics and classes, and learning how to train a horse if you wanted to get a younger one. I hope you like him!

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    Just one of the lovely things about being a horse owner! You haven't lived until you've been bucked or kicked!
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    Haha! Or bit in the booty by a moody mare when you're picking her feet out! Trust me. Carry a crop around a moody mare. They tend to bite!

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    Hmm, sorry guys I don't believe in that. I did have a small opportunity to get one. It was a free 18 year old Morgan mare on our local swap shop that had been abandoned, they said that she was an all round good horse, loaded easily, great leading and so forth. I called a friend with horses that was kind of looking for another but when I told her she thought that I wanted her and that I wanted to board her at her property. I thought it was actually a good idea but my parents had a definite NO. Thing is that we are lower on money so it could never happen. And I barely got chickens let alone a horse. But I do hope that mare went to a good home. :)
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    I'm sorry! [​IMG] It was 13 years before I finally got a horse. Might have to give her away, costs so much. But I'm telling my parents a thing or two about that! They don't want to give her away either.
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    Some people think it's weird, but this Dutch girl owns American horses. We have 3 mares, a 15-years old sorrel quarter horse mare Pride (granddaughter of Kid Clu, great-granddaughter of Coosa, a real halter girl) and her American Paint daughters Ayla (she's 7, chestnut tobiano) and Faith (4, gold champagne tobiano). Ayla and Faith are full sisters by Indian Bigstep. Faith carries the champagne gene. In 2011 Pride's thirth baby was born, her son Biscuit. Biscuit is now 18 months and sorrel, just like his mom. Biscuit is a great-grandson of Hollywood Dun It and grandson of Peppy Badger Chex.
    I had a Russian budenny horse before, he died in 2010. He was my best friend, my everything, and I still miss him every day.
    I'm a dressage-girl at heart, but I am slowly "getting" the whole western-riding-thing. My hubby is a cowboy at heart, so he is always there to help me.
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    Love QH's[​IMG] Mine makes me feel better when I'm sad, I just lay-down on her back and talk to her, and cry. I feel like she understands me me. I'm sorry about your horse, that stuff is tuff.
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    Thank you! It is indeed. I think almost every horse can make you feel better if you take the time to bond. [​IMG]
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    I never had enough time to bond with my horse, so he didn't trust me. I didn't really know him as he was. I only saw him twice a week. He came across to me as lazy. Now that I moved him to a barn closer to me, we have spent more time together. I see him every day, because I feed at nightime (I feed all the horses at the barn.). We really have bonded and he is definitely not lazy!

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