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Sep 25, 2010
Yup! Love horses! I lease a Arab/Saddlebred, Desi. We are competing at training level eventing, with hopes of being in the olympics! :)
I have 3 horses...

Lancer, a reg. Arab who is 28yrs old. I have had him for 26 of those years...

Rascal, a Morgan/QH who is 36 yrs old. Had him for 17 years.

And Kenny - another reg. Arab who is 6. My friend bought him for me in January 2012. I hope to start showing him summer of 2013 - probably just locally at first, we'll see how I do. I might do endurance instead. We'll see. His babies are cleaning up in the show ring, and I know he could, too. I haven't shown since 1998, so I am pretty rusty!

I also have a mini that I had to leave with a friend in Oklahoma when we moved to Maryland. I didn't have room for him on the trailer to get here, and he would have put me over my property limits... So now he is being spoiled and gives little kids cart rides at Cowboy Church.


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Jun 2, 2011
Hi everyone..

Haven't checked this thread for a while,, I see it's grown to 9 pages. .. I know there are more horse folk out there... come on and post your picks of your 4 legged friends!

Here is a photo of A prince of a baby foal.. He is very famous,, just thought I would post it as he is perhaps one of the most anticipated foals in 2012's foal crop. He is not mine, just thought I would post his picture. He hasn't been formally named,, the thoroughbred world refers to him at the moment as Baby Z!

He is Zenyatta's first foal.

His bloodlines are by Bernardini out of Zenyatta by Street Cry

Zenyatta and Baby Z!
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