Hot2Pot Crazy auction formatted listing. Multiple Breeds, LS, Bantam Cochins, Silkies


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This auction will end Sunday, January 22, at 10 pm EST. To bid, do not PM.Place your bid in reply. Bid increments $0.25.This is a per egg auction. Bids start at $0.75. You can buy as few as 6+ eggs, or as many as I have. The winner will decide how many they want to buy. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and pack carefully, but cannot guarantee your hatch rate. Shipping is $14.00, but i will combine auctions if you win multiples.Only $3. more shipping per additional auction. I ship as soon as possible after the auction , using priority shipping with delivery confirmation.Make sure to check back if you bid, and subscribe using the immediate notification setting so you know if you are outbid.
Ok, now the boring details are settled, lets talk chickens!
Bantam Cochins are fluffy footed, feathered beauties! My rooster, Charlie Chaplin, makes me laugh every day. He is very good to his hens, and never bothers anyone, except he wants to beat up any large roosters he can see in a nearby pen! He is black, and his girls are black or blue so you could hatch either color.These ladies are good layers, and make excellent broodies.These are great pets for kids!
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Here they are
Black Australorps are wonderful brown egg layers, with nice calm temperaments. These are large fowl. Big enough to use the spare roosters you have for freezer camp.My roosters have great personalities and are good to their hens.With two flocks, I can send you some from each flock for biodiversity. I have lots of these chicks, so hatch some out for your flock. Bids start at $0.75 per egg, increments of $0.25. Reply to bid, do not PM. You can get 6 + or more eggs if you win the auction, you choose how many you want. Be sure to state which breed you are bidding onwhen you bid, since there are several.
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I like these

When does this auction end. I am confused because it says it ends Monday, but was started several days ago.

The whole set up is kind of confusing, but we are doing the best we can. I am restarting the auction every week. So it ends next Sunday night.

Silkie pullet, Splash, w/blue Silkies are great pets and are known for their broody abilities. They are a bantam breed, so don't eat as much as large fowl. They do need more shelter during cold weather and cannot fly because they have such soft feathers. I have one pen with Blue, Black , and Splash, plus one pen with all whites. All of them are bearded. Bidding starts at $0.75 per egg, the winner can decide how many eggs they want. Shipping is $14.00. Please reply on the thread, do not PM.
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