6 Years
Sep 16, 2016
I have had a pair of Cochin Bantams for two years. Rob Roy, and Yuki. He's Frizzled. She is Beautiful, Perfect, smooth regular feathers. The progeny have been Smooth, regular, OR Frizzled. The Frizzle has been of two types. First, a lovely tear drop shaped feather that curls gracefully, and I love when this shows up. These are gorgeous birds. Second, a squared feather here and there with a few rounded, and not so gracefully curled. Still, handsome, but not beautiful. Both birds are white. The egg is the standard creamy light beige/tan/peach egg.

I raised a pair of what I assumed would be SMOOTH-REGULAR feathers. Mind you, I have raised several pairs and lots of these babies from the pair described. This last pair, was suppose to be hens (I didn't really check, but thought they were). Turns out, they are a Rooster, and a Hen. WHITE like Mama and Papa. The strangest thing, though, is both have a "smooth" look/shape, BUT the FEATHERS ARE SILKY. I have no Silkies. AND, the Hen lays GREEN eggs, of a light minty olive hue, best I can describe. They are not olive drab, and not Americauna or Mallard Duck Green/Blue, but a definite light to medium green.

Thinking that they were both hens, much younger, I put them in with two handsome black Frizzled Roos, both with an odd Red feather on their heads. I am hatching eggs, 5 so far, and the babies are Cochin. The body is heavy and plump/round all over. The colors are black/white, black/white/blue, black/white/red, and a blue/white/black splash. I have identified two Frizzles from this recent hatch of 5. Mama hen is sitting on 12--go figure. Hardy eggs. It was single digit temps when I brought the eggs in, and I'm waiting to see how many she hatches out. I think there were 4 in the nest before she got broody. AND, she is just grown enough to lay.

Just wanted to share. I will try to get some pictures, and Identify the feathers of this new lot of chicks. I waited and waited for the White "silky" Cochin pair to turn "regular" feathers, but they stayed "fuzzy". The Original pair, Rob Roy and Yuki, came from reputable breeder. The second producing pair is from them. They ARE COCHIN Bantams. This new offspring will be free range amongst themselves. Several huts and perches for safety. I had been looking for a thread to explain the feathers. I saw one from 2009, ON HERE. There seems to be a recessive silky feather gene in Cochins. They don't puff up, or look like Silkies, but they have a thin silky feather that fits the body, and from a distance might appear to be any smooth Cochin. The comb is that of a Frizzled, and not the single comb you might usually have on the regular feathered. Would love some FEEDBACK.
By the way, these two are the SWEETEST little chickens of the Cochins I've raised. The Roo is adorable. The Hen is just as sweet. And, the little guy got between me and the bigger black frizzle when he started pecking, LOL. I have not spent a great deal of time with them, either, other than to feed and water, and a few words. They just can't seem to get enough attention, though. Very different birds than the Original pair, and different than the others raised off the original pair, which I no longer have. These are keepers. I will probably set the little Roo with a hen from these that are hatching. It appears these are from the blacks, and the white hen. He needs a little love, too... and it will help refine some traits...Comments? I wasn't sure about pairing the two silky, for reasons of closeness, genetically. I have also read that it isn't good to pair two frizzled. Maybe I should set them aside, TOGETHER?
Are you sure there wasn't a secret rooster in the mix somewhere? I would love to see photos.

Bantam cochins are one of my favorite breeds, though nothing serious. I have seen smooth, frizzle and frazzled, so I would like to see silkied. What color are the feet?

I also didn't understand how you said a frizzle and smooth had a different comb type, from my experiences they all have a single comb, size can vary amongst individuals.
NO odd roosters. Don't have but one
other, a big Jubilee in his own pen.
The same feather defect that causes frizzle, causes some combs to be "thick", and spiky, flat/broad, rather than thin and single. The frizzled comb is not as attractive, to me, as the single. And, I'm just going off what I have here. The black roosters are not related, and have the same broad, flattish, spiky comb as Rob Roy. The pair with the silky feathers came out of a frizzled roo, and perfect feathered hen with a single comb. I can't explain it. I have read, and as I stated there is a recessive genetics scheme here, that can go back and be retained 4-6 generations. What they said. I plan to get pix when the weather is just a tad better. Hopefully by tomorrow. I have no clue the leg color. Hmmmm... don't know why I didn't look. But I'll check that, too. Flying by the seat of my pants, here. Just trying to figure out how I ended up with these sweet, green egg layers! Crazy
Got to feed up in awhile. It's muddy, but maybe I can still get some good pix.
Being frizzle isn't limited to bantam cochins, so if the comb isn't single than your frizzles aren't purebred cochins. Frizzle can occur in all breeds, and mixed breeds, cochins have certain breed characteristics that include a single comb, yellow feet and legs, so if you have a weird comb than my guess is there's something mixed back in the generations, and potentially a silkie if you are getting silkie feathers.
Could be. I'll get pix. But, the hatchery the first pair came frin, sold them as pure cochin bantam. There were three. The white hen. The frizzled roo. And a tiny cochin roo with perfect feathers. Hawk got him free ranging. So I put the pair up. I'll get you some pix.
Oh...! And thanks for your interest! And comments. You may be absolutely correct, though. Stranger things have happened. On another note...I may not be describing the feathers correctly. Fuzzy, not well formed or "flat". I gotta get pix
I'm also interested in seeing pics. I love my bantam cochins.

I'm willing to bet there are some silkie (the breed, not the feathering) genes in their background. Things can hide for many generations.
I recently hatched some 4th or 5th generation chicks that look birchen. No idea where it came from, or even which line brought it in.
Coming. Hope ya'll aren't disappointed. It's muddy and they are awfully dirty today. Weeks of rain. Going now.
Your parent birds could be culls from someone's personal "Silkied Cochin" project so they have the recessive silkie feathering in their genes, but they don't exhibit it.
Could be? I've had them since hatch. About 4 days old, the first pair. The others, well...they are out of the first ones. Pix.
Rob Roy, and Yuki. Frizzled Cochin roo and regular feather hen, Cochin bantam .

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