How Do You Like Your Eggs?

What Eggs Do Ya Eat?

  • Duck!

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  • Chicken!

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  • Guinea Hen!

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  • Quail!

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  • Am I Crazy? All!

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  • None. Don't ask me!

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The Angry Hen

Crossing the Road
6 Years
Dec 17, 2016
My Coop
My Coop

I figure this could be fun...

How Do You Like Your Eggs?
You get three choices... Use 'em wisely!
Put them in order, like mine is;
I like my eggs...
1.) Scrambled! 2.) Poached! 3.) Fried!

Have fun everyone!!
-The Angry Hen
I love them soft-boiled on buttered toast, fried sunny side up in olive oil and runny, and--when still warm from the hen--raw. My wife makes excellent deviled eggs. I love them, too, but on mine I sprinkle a goodly dose of cayenne pepper. She doesn't like hot spicy food. I do--I am an habanero freak!

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