How Much Diatomaceous Earth To Use

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    I spelled out diatomaceous earth in the subject line because the search engine won't look for two letter words plus I think some people may not know what DE is.

    Anyway... my question.

    I have a 4' x 4' foot coop with a vinyl floor and about 3 inches of wood shavings in the bottom. How much DE should I use to keep it dry, odorless, and flyless? It's very expensive here and I certainly don't want to be wasting it. $23 for 2.2 lbs, although I bought 3 jugs of it at last year's price of $17. Can't believe they raised the price that much in one year. 33% Wow!
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    I would say 2 cups when putting in new bedding, and about 1 cup when you sprinkle around the perimeter and treat doorways- food grade of course
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    That seems like a lot.
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    Sep 3, 2009
    I buy my DE from this site.....

    I just sprinkle a fine layer on top of the shavings when I change the pens. I like to make sure the chickens are in the pens so I can get them with the DE while im at it. I havent had any problems with any lil crawly critters. I will say that DE takes a few days to work on ants, especially fire ants. Several applications to the mound is neccessary.
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    Quote:I know prices will vary based on location, but I would try garden nurserys and other places...that sounds $$$$PRICEY!!! I was thinking $11 for 4 pounds sounded high here and was going to shop around for a cheaper supply.
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    Does anyone know of an online supplier in Canada?
  7. GwenDellAnno

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    Jul 18, 2009
    Water Valley, AB
    I would try the place where you buy your livestock feed and bedding... (ie. where did you get your wood shavings from?). I got a bag at the F/S Coop here in Hanover, ON (yes Canada) for $35 for a 50lb bag. I'd also try the TSC... or wherever you get your livestock feed.
  8. Stonebriar Farm

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    I just found out that Maple syrup suppliers carry Diatomaceous Earth for use in filtering. Atckinson's has it by mail order for around $35 CAD. Hope this helps any Canadians having trouble finding it.
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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Ebay might be worth a look. I am in th us but i bought a 10 pound bag & with the shipping it was around $20.00 off of ebay. There are a few out of us sellers to.
  10. Cargo

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Farmington, NM
    Don't forget to look at other things like Stall Dry. It is just a mixture of DE and Clay. Works great as well.
    My local feed store has them side by side in 40lb. bags for about $10 USD.

    Looks like in Canada they may call it Barn Fresh or Red Lake Earth.
    Your local feed store really should have bags of something along these lines.
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