How much on average does it cost


11 Years
May 8, 2008
to have a medium size dog(Border Collie) put to sleep?

I really do not want to start a debate here. If I were to post this question on the other board I no longer hang out on I would be ripped apart for even asking

We have had him since he was a puppy. He was trained to do obstacle course and fly ball until he fell over a jump and hurt his hip when he was 2. He is now 7 and is aging poorly.
He is stiff, we give him supplements for it.
He gets outdoors and when we arent sick, gets walks and played with as well.
He is a great watch dog. But this is where it gets , well bad.

He is getting more and more aggressive to delivery people and people that walk by the house(which is a daily, several times a day occurrence with the college back in session. He is now barking at nothing. He will just go off and be literally crazed. I think his hearing is going. This worries me because I have my daughter and I do not want him snapping at her. She gives him plenty of room since she isnt a big dog person. But I am getting worried since he is getting worse.

And he is now peeing and pooing on my floor. Even though he has FREE access to the yard. Heck I have locked him out there(with access to shade and water)
and he will still come in and pee on the floor. Luckily no carpeting, but it is beginning to ruin the wood floor as well.

I would ask our vet, but the entire office(3 vets on staff) is against putting an animal, in otherwise "good health" to sleep if they think it is for the owners convenience. Which this isnt. I am just not wanting to be sued. Or to have my daughter get bit Last year we didnt get mail for a week because the mail carrier would not deliver to our house. He is THAT bad.

I know this prob depends on what part of the country one lives in.
I'm not a vet, but I would surely think that most vets wouldn't have a problem humanely euthanizing a pet that has gotten that aggressive. I'd find another vet & call to ask. Personally, I'll all for giving pets a chance...but, if this dog was once friendly/easy going, and is now aging poorly and getting aggressive...I'd euthanize, too. I'd rather see a dog HUMANELY euthanized rather than live a life of being in pain. JMO. Good luck.
He was once really good with delivery men etc. Then we brought our daughter home from the hospital 6 years ago. He went from happy, wagging, friendly dog to nearly Cujo overnight. And lately he is just getting worse. And this is with daily activity etc to keep his mind active.

I always feel safe in the house because of him. Basically because anyone that walks by the place gets charged at over the gate or through the windows. I am shocked my rabbit has died from fright.
I would say, you are in your rights to euphanize him. It is sad when they get that way, but obviously, he is not aging well and you cannot afford for your daughter to get bit or someone else that will sue the pants right off of you quickly. Please get another opinion from another vet. Good luck and hugs, i know this is not easy for you!
Try calling Vets areound you that do home visits, sometimes vets that specialize in farm animals will come to your house. We have a vet around here that will come to your house so that the dog can be put to sleep in his home.
As hard as it is to put a pet to sleep, we must think about the quality of life for that animal. We had a pit bull put to sleep years ago when he lost his hearing and would snap at people when he noticed them. We didn't sneak up on him and would talk to him in a loud voice but he didn't know we were there. Your dogs craziness and potty issues sound like an unhappy dog. Sometimes, thats just the way they turn out, kinda like some people are negative. He is YOUR dog. If you think euthanasia is best for your family, don't let anyone talk you out of it. They don't have to live with a possibly dangerous dog. It also wouldn't be fair to try to dump him on someone else.Do whats best for you. In the long run, its also best for your dog. Oh, the vet wanted $200.00 to put my 16 year old cat to sleep after he had a stroke. Luckily, Tucker died that evening at home so I didn't have to make that decision.
so you live near a college??? if they have a vet or vet assisted program they will do it for cost, we only use the college, the teacher is so great and caring.
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