How soon can you tell if they're frizzles?


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Lennon, Michigan
We had 10 babies hatch Friday. Sunday the wing feathers on 3-4 of them look like they might be frizzles as the ends are curling slightly. The rest seem straight. I only have one frizzle hen, but she has 3 red sisters with smooth feathers. Is frizzle recessive or dominant?

Incidentally, the babies we hatched seem much calmer and friendly than the hatchery babies we got last year. I think the shipping must have something to do with it. These seem much healthier and perky.
As soon as the feathers start comming in. The wing tips are curled. They are sooo cute. This is one of mine.

MrsChickendad , Congrads on the new baby frizzles , they are by far one of my favorites. I can always tell as soon as they are dried.Would love to see some pics of them.

magikchick , OMG , How sweet ,such a Beauty you have there !Love the color.
At 7 to 10 days the wings will turn outward, As the rest of the feathers come in you may not notice until the ones on the shoulders come in they will for sure be facing the chicks head.

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