how to deal with issue with "free" eggs?

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    Okay, I have a little bit of an issue here, and its just a little annoyance so here goes: We have 6 girls - get on average 5-6 eggs a day even now in winter - they're still going. I always keep 18 eggs for us at all times and the rest, we keep in a basket and DH either takes 2 dozen a week to work and sells them for $1.50 to co-workers or - we've given extra to friends and occassionally, neighbors when co-workers werent in need of any. Well - las week as a thank you, I gave our neighbor a dozen because they did something for us. I thought okay - over and done with onward and upward. Well - phone rang this Sunday - yep - asking if we had any eggs [​IMG] uhm...yes... "can we have them?" Hmm.. sticky situation to put me in as I was thinking I just gave you a dozen 3 days ago - but.. I said yes and told DH "hope this doesnt become regular." He didnt think it would. Well.. last night - phone rings - its the neighbor again "Got any eggs?" DH turns to me and asks me (and didnt cover the phone) Me: "no I dont, I just gave 18 to so and so today when they came over" He goes back to the phone and then says to me "Will we have any come Friday?" Me: "no..I promised Judy a dozen 2 weeks ago when we saw her - I wont have any eggs until next week - Kenny buys on Monday, you know that and Doug wants them too - we only get 5-6 a day. I'll see what I have next week." DH goes back to the phone and says "Check with us on Monday."

    OMG [​IMG] did you not hear me? I'm sitting right beside you - I KNOW you heard me say I have none available. He says "sorry I was put on the spot, what did you want me to say?" Me: "Uh how about No we have none they're all promised to paying customers?"

    So - now I'm in a quandry - I dont mind giving away free eggs once in a while - but this is 36 eggs in less than a weeks time and I mean - come on! We saved up those eggs for a reason and our girls work really hard. Organic eggs at the store are $4.00! I like our neighbors, I really do - alot - they're great - but - I dont want to offend them either by saying "Uh - given you 3 dozen free eggs - only get 6 a day tops and have to feed my family as well as others who rely on me every Monday - if I have extra, they're $1.50 a dozen bringing me back my carton, $2.00 if you keep it."


    How to handle it appropriately without hurting anyones feelings?
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    Ugh. Do you need to give these eggs to appease them so you can keep your chickens (I have to do that every so often)? If not, I'd just tell them that you have paying folks who come first because it helps offset feed costs even if it doesn't. I bet they'd be willing to pay as much as the others for those eggs. Your price is more than fair.
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    next time she calls say "yes we do, we are getting $ a dozen for them" or maybe in a couple days, we only get 5 a day and today we ate them and we have others who pay us for the extras.
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    I am sorry you are in this position. It's been a helpful post to me though. I'll keep it in mind. [​IMG]
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    Quote:You could always introduce them to chickens and maybe offer advice/help so they can get there own eggs....not to take business away from you, but if they ain't paying or even offering to pay you're not out anything and you can keep your eggs for yourself or paying customers....
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    I would agree that you should explain that your paying customers come first and if they'd like to be added to your list then you'll make sure that they get some....

    Also explain that the money you get helps feed not only your chickens but helps your family in these trying economic times, I'm sure they will understand....

    If not, then they're not THAT good of neighbors.
  7. klf73

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    maybe you could explain that you sell the extras to off-set the feed cost of having the chickens. I would just let them know that you would be willing to add them to the list for that price if they would like. A lot of people I have talked to say "oh, you get free eggs" and I always laugh and say I am going through 100 lbs of food a week and am lucky I get a dozen in that time(only 4 laying), so I am paying over $20 a dozen [​IMG] (of course it will be better when I get rid of all the roos)
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    just tell them the truth. your eggs are for sale at such and such a price.
    you don't need to explain or backpedal. just leave the sentence and stop talking. the ball will be in their court.

    if they have a problem, then it is their issue, not yours. they may get riled up for awhile, but again, it's their issue.

    hope you have a great result, no matter what your decision is! [​IMG]
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    People with no manners - ugh! [​IMG] And they're probably breeding.

    Agree with the above post. Or you can give them eggs one more time to get out of this immediate dilemma, while casually and cheerfully sharing the good news that you have committed future eggs to customers for the season ahead, with a waiting list to boot, thus helping you have the resources to provide good care to your hard working ladies. And if you wish to add - - would they like you to let them know if there comes a time when you have room for additional customers, you'd be happy to let them know....

    DH must not depart from whatever plan you adopt! :^)

  10. shortcake1806

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    If they'd stop being your friend over paying two dollars for eggs they weren't very good friends to start with. I say just be honest with them. They'll probably be happy to pay. Although they find they don't need 3 dozen a week.

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