How to help my silkie adapt to living with other chicks?


Mar 13, 2015
Long Island, NY
So here's the deal. I have 3 brooders. The first contains four 7weekold wyandottes. The second contains three 3weekold buff orpingtons. The third contains a cuckoo silkie, and a polish cross (GL x Tolbunt. It didn't get any white.) both 6 weeks.

The silkie completely depends on the polish and avoids contact with all other chickens.

Yesterday the wyandottes met their coop and adapted quickly. The silkie and polish ALSO went outside in the coop. The polish adapted quickly as well, but the silkie just stood in the corner of the coop for an hour doing nothing. Occasionally she would go over to the feeder and eat a little, then drink a little, and retreat back to her corner.

We moved her and her polish friend back into the brooder, however, this time, we decided to combine the buff orpingtons with the silkie and the polish in a large brooder. It meant less feeders and waterers we had to clean.

We stick them in there. I return to find the silkie in the CORNER again! All the buff orpingtons are sleeping, and so is the polish, but the silkie just stands there, going over to eat occasionally.

We once again separated her and the polish, and she perked up instantly away from the other chicks.

Will she grow out of this anti social phase? Should I look for something else? She doesn't appear to be getting bullied.

Thank you!
I'd just put them back in the brooder with the BOs or move it back out to the coop and leave it at that. If your Silkie is eating and drinking, it'll be fine. Let it pout in the corner for a while and move on. It'll eventually get used to having new brooder/coop mates.
I suppose, like some people, some birds are more sensitive to change then others. Most chickens don do change well, some chickens REALLY don't do change well.

Good luck :)
I agree. Your Silkie is slow to adapt, but as long as she eats, drinks and poops, try not to worry. She feels more secure in a corner, which is what shy chickens often do. She is there as a precaution against being bullied, and she knows all she needs to do is turn and face into the corner, and her head is protected.

When she finds out she isn't going to be bullied by the BOs, you'll see her begin to venture out of her "safe" spot.
Keep in mind that silkies never roost. Unvless it is a very low roost. You might want to find anothrt silkie to be her friend. Silkies do cuddle up on the floor. So make sure thatvtye coop has some material that they can cuddle up in. Good luck with your birds.


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