How to Tell a Fertile vs INfertile Egg (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by speckledhen, Sep 7, 2007.

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    A.J.'s :

    Quote:thats funny, but I saw an article once where experimenters took the top off of eggs and covered them with saran wrap and incubated them.
    They did this so they would have better view of the chicks as they grew in the shell. The pictures were remarkable. They all hatched and pictures were taken every day.

    I read about this once, but was never able to find anything with pictures. I had just stumbled across one small picture. Does anyone know where I could find this article or a link to the pictures? I'd love to see it! [​IMG]
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    If I remember right, when watching the History or Discovery channel about dinos, they were opening a small square in the chicken egg to insert some genes/dna (of some sort) then it looked like they taped it back up. They did develop with tails and/or teeth. They never let it fully develop and hatch though. Just the progress of tail growing etc. was pretty interesting.
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    Speckledhen, If an egg is cracked open and you can see a little red spot on the yolk, does that mean it is fertile?
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    wow....crazy awesome.
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    Quote:I'm not Speck, but I know this one. No, a blood spot has nothing to do with fertility. It's just a speck of blood picked up as the eggs was forming, from a small broken blood vessel or some such.

    Look back on the very first page of this thread, and look at the pictures. They show what to look for. You're looking for the "bull's eye" to indicate a fertile egg.
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    ohhh ok cool thanks
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    This information is great. My grandmother raised her own chickens and I swear she could tell the difference from a fertile and infertile egg just by by holding up to her head. Now I think she was having a laugh at me.
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    Another newbee here - sorry.

    I have read this entire "thread" - where can I find the "sticky note" (I don't see it as an option) I am in the process of hatching my first batch.

    In here I've read that ova can be fertile for 2 weeks - up to 6 weeks (is that really possible)?

    My eggs in the bator are on day 13 now & I still can't see anything other than air pockets (plus bubbles) - they are ISA Browns - so they laid brown eggs (can't see in them well at all). Is that normal?

    The farm that they were gotten from had 1 roo & about 25-40 hens - so when I candled (at day 4, then 6 cuz I couldn't tell anything)- only 7 out of 30ish looked fertile.

    Seemed like a fair number to me (he had too much work to do).
    I've been adding more eggs as I've been subtracting others).

    Still wondering.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    great thread.
    Lots if info i was wondering about!!![​IMG]

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