how to tell how old americanas are!!!!!?????


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Apr 21, 2011
i have two americanas and i thought they were just a few weeks but now i am not sure at all because their wings are fully feathered i am SO confused!
those look a little older than mine but not much. when would you put them out in the coop? i wish i could just ask the lil girls
what is considered fully feathered to be in the coop? their heads are fuzzy and so is the space between their wings ill post pics tonight
Mine feathered out faster than my other chicks as well and are the same age. Pics in link in siggy.
mine are 3 almost 4 weeks old and they look like that (featherwise, but mine are off-white colored) and its been upper 60's to mid 70's and they have been out in the coop all day and all night for the past couple days.
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these are the pictures of my americanas that i do not know what age they are i am guessing like 3 or four weeks?
now that i am on a regular computer here is the image about 3 weeks here:
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that is a great picture
they are so funny all stankding in line lol super cute:)

I love this pic - looks like they are commuters! Pretty birds!

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