How well do feather footed chickens fly?


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
My DH is convinced that they can't fly, and that for some reason makes them useless
. I know silkies are not flyers.....but what about the rest?

I really want some feather feeties!
It depends on the breed, if its a LF Cochin feathers or not that one is staying on the ground, if its a bantam De Ulcelle, then it can fly with the best of them. I have a feather footed Brahma that makes it to the rafters each night, and he is too big for the others to be putting him up there.
really, cochin's don't fly? I have one that's only a couple weeks old... is that why her feathers are so tiny?! She flies around a bit, that stops when they get bigger?
Okay, keep this a secret pahleeze! but I'm found my brahma rooster on the roof of my DH's jeep twice. The jeep has a 4 inch lift kit on it.
We have a dark brahma bantam hen that could fly if she decided to. She is the only one we have with a group of RIRs, Barred Rocks, and Golden Comets. Most of the time she does what everyone else does, which is stay on the ground!!
We found her in the rafters of the coop once.
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