Humans on your property poisoning your animals??!! RANT


10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
I do not understand the human kind anymore, If there is such a thing. I had a truck pull in my driveway at I guess about 845-900 tonight. Not unusual but it was one of our special needs kids and his brother. We had a litter of pups here a year ago (not by choice) but his brother brought him over here and he fell in love with the one puppy we had. We are one month short of being a year and they came tonight for my help. Needless to say she is going through anti-freeze poisoning. Dad is on-line trying to figure out what is wrong but going through this myself, hate to say I knew. I pull out my flashlight and they asked "Why did you bring that" Not thinking said always have one or two) Alot is told through a flashlight on this problem. Dad says yes looking on the website for ant-freeze poisong all the signs were there. Mom double checked. How do you look at another human being the same way again. I don't think I can and don't think I will ever again. The dog never left their property. They were cutting hay when this happened and she always laid down at the barn door waiting for them. They also had four cats suddenly die. accident on their part no, pet quaility antifreeze, someone on purpose yes!!! This is like taking a kid away. I don't know but this one was very hard for me. Sorry Have to stop my other kid is calling.
If you can prove this, and find where they got into it, the folks who did it can be sent to jail, or at least fined out the wazoo and be slapped with a criminal record. Most states have specific laws about poisoning with antifreeze... I'd talk to your local law enforcement about it.

I know it doesn't bring them back, but maybe it will make you feel better knowing that you have a little recourse... and a little understanding that most of humanity won't tolerate that sort of barbarism.

Soo so sorry...
They had a huge case of this at a Toronto park/dog park a year or so ago. Someone was putting down dishes of anti-freeze for dogs, quite a few of the dogs died.
I am so sorry.
A couple of years ago someone fed broken glass to a litter of stray puppies that were contained on my deck while I was gone for Thanksgiving dinner. Never found out who or why. I and my children were absolutely devastated. I hope you are able to find out who did this.
Ugh! Double Ugh!! OMG. We have (about yearly) had animals get poisoned in my neighborhood. Everyone is pretty sure its the anti-animal psycho neighbor, but we can't prove anything. I've been lucky so far none of mine have gotten into it.

Oh also, when i lived back in Bowmanville in a subdivision..ou neighbour, a very grumpy old man who was arrogant as all used to poison the neighbourhood cats, he put out cat food on his back deck laced with rat poison all the time. He killed one of our cats when i was younger, and tossed it out at the curb for garbage pick up... a coon got the bag open and we found her just before the garbage man came.

the old man died last year LOL
I wish in the worst way we could figure this out!! I as with neighbors want to get this person caught. But the hard part is proving it. I am just at might wites ( think right) ends. Mom just called she thinks 3 of their cats are the same. My big question is why live the country when you looked at the home property and neighbors life style before you move in, How can you be affended or annoyed by it? The property they live on was adveritised as a working farm. The neighbors on the other sides are also farmers. It comes down to one family. But prove it? I amlost on this one. Sorry took so long to respond but just got off the phone with owner, heartbreaking. I hate I can not do more. I can only be there for my boy while he goes through this. That does not seem enough!
did you have it testedfor the poision. Propably not sorry just upset right now. I am at loss for words right now, this boy is laying with his dog his mom and dad are there but he calls me for comfort. I wish I could be by his side for this. But I have 5 kids of my own.

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